Welcome 👋

I'm Henry J. Webster, a programmer in Brooklyn, NY.

☀ī¸ At work I'm building open banking services @Prism Data.
🌔 At night I experiment with game development, music, and 3D art.

What I work with:

Languages — Java, JavaScript, Python

Frameworks — Spring, React

Platforms — AWS, VMWare Tanzu

Programs — Godot, Ardour, Blender

Projects 🏗ī¸

I enjoy creating in my free time, whether it be art or technology.

See all my projects in the archive.

Featured 🌟

Lab Rat2020

Web game made for MizJam 1. All contestants had to create a game based on the same art assets in 48 hours. I wrote the code and music while Julianne Waber did level design and art direction.

Random 🎲
Cody's Ocean Cleanup2020

Programmed a mobile game for Cody Simpson promoting his mission to stop ocean pollution. Play as Cody to pick up as much trash as possible without wiping out! Julianne Waber made the art while Cody Simpson and NAIROBI made the music.

Henry J Webster in green crocs

About 👷đŸģ

I have 3 years of professional experience in software. My curiosity takes me all over the place and I love learning new technologies and approaches while building interesting projects.

I'm an avid cyclist, reader, coffee-lover, and productivity nerd. I enjoy home audio production and playing guitar. Recently I have taken up woodworking (I made the side table in the photo!) If you want to send me something you've made or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for checking out my website!
Henry J. Webster